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Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company (FDLIC) was founded 34 years ago by a group of funeral directors. The idea for the business was to sculpt it into a reliable, safe, and secure prepaid funeral service option. As of today, Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company is one of the nation’s leading pre-need organizations available in the life insurance sector.

Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, as of today is present in 45 US states where they offer consumers a full-service approach with regards to the pre-need funeral insurance industry. This all-inclusive pre-need package assortment ranges with a wide array of different funeral options. Don’t see one you like? No problem, a sales associate will gladly assist you in building and tailoring a meticulous package that fits your unique needs.

Funeral Directors prides itself on its employees and agents nationwide in that they place a strong importance on their communities across the board. Where both employees and agents alike are very active in community volunteer work. Some of the organizations that Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company contributes most to include the America Heart Association, the Alzheimer’s Association, Meals on Wheels, and the American Cancer Society.


In 1977, four funeral directors began tossing around ideas about an insurance company that could furnish pre-need service products for consumers. These gentlemen were named Bill Seale, Tom Brandon, Ernest Welch, and Melvin Storm. After much deliberation and discussion of how beneficial a company and such a service would be, to not only their respected funeral homes but also to the families of the deceased, they formed a partnership and founded the company Tembico (which came from a collaboration of their names).

The vision for the company further took formation and in 1981 the funeral directors turned business owners opened the doors to Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company. Over the years, the company continued to grow and build capital, all the while gaining attention for their unique approach to life insurance and pre-need services. The company grew so fast that in 1990 INC Magazine named Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company, one of the fastest growing privately held companies in America. They have shown an impressive growth pattern of 783 percent in just a five year period.

In 2013, Funeral Director Life Insurance Company for the third year in a row made the list of Ward Group’s Top Fifty Life/Health Insurance Companies. At which point Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company had reached $1 billion dollars in assets with 132 employees.


FDLIC has three main levels of pre-need life insurance products, all of which we would consider being a positive for the company, all with different specifications.

  • Active Series- or the Assertive Pre-need Program

-Choice of single pay growth rates

-Competitive pricing

-“Day one” coverage for those who qualify

  • Pinnacle Series- or Moderately Assertive Pre-need Program

-High growth rate options

-Growth rate choices

-“Day one” coverage for those who qualify

-For older individual clients

  • Paramount Series- or Passive Pre-need Program

-Simplified health history questions

-Higher growth rates available

The wide array of prearrangement options available through Funeral Directors Life Insurance Company and the fact that in the instance the consumer does not find a fitting plan, the company will work to build and tailor a unique one to fit their every need is a definite plus in going with FDLIC.

Additionally, FDLIC boasts an A- (or excellent) rating affirmed by A.M. Best, which provides proof of the company’s financial stability and ability to meet its financial obligations.


The reality of FDLIC is that there are close to no complaints against this company. Where the one that was found through the BBB involved a refund on a policy that a consumer “changed their mind about,” of which FDLIC refunded their premium payments 100 percent.

Thus, we have nothing negative to say about FDLIC at this time.

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