How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Written by Ross Quade

About 40% of all people never even bother to apply for life insurance. A deterrent for a lot of people buying life insurance seems to be the implied cost. However, the cost of a premium and the overall value of coverage is tailor calculated according to applicant information. Additionally, the younger and healthier than you.. More

Tips to Help Seniors Stay Healthy at Home

Written by Ross Quade

Most seniors want to maintain their independence at all costs. Naturally, as we age, we are not able to do certain things as when we were younger. Family and friends may offer their help more often, but it can offend some people to think others perceive them to be unable to do routine tasks of.. More

6 Things to Think About Before Choosing a Funeral Home

Written by Ross Quade

Whether you want to be proactive in picking out your own funeral home or must find one for a deceased loved one; it is essential that you’re able to be objective when looking at the options presented to you. It’s easy just to choose a funeral home that is close by or that you are.. More

Tips for Preparing a Grieving Child for a Funeral Service

Written by Ross Quade

No child is too young to go to a funeral, as long as they are prepared for the process and what he or she can expect to see at the funeral proceedings. If you plan to bring a child to a funeral, then it is also important they are guided lovingly throughout the entire process… More

Chances are if you find yourself searching for a life insurance policy you may be wondering where to start first. With so many different ways to compare providers and policies, the process can seem overwhelming, to say the least. Not to mention the fact that it can be an emotionally taxing event. However, there is.. More