What many people do not realize is that life insurance application approval or rejection percentages are all a numbers game. A life insurance application is weighed against the various vital statistics and various life data analyses of the human condition. As in, how long a human being usually lives, the probability of death due to.. More

The sad truth is that if you are middle-aged, or a senior citizen, then you have missed out on the affordability of life insurance. Life insurance is most affordable for young and healthy applicants. All life insurance applications are decided against exacting lifespan statistics and data compiled by actuaries. A life insurance company’s business model.. More

How Much is Life Insurance for a 70-Year-Old Man?

Written by Ross Quade

The business of life insurance is a statistics, calculations, and numbers game. A life insurance company professionally calculates the probability of lifespan and death. That is why you must submit so much information and personal data during the application process. Your life, age, and lifestyle are broken down into data points for a life insurance.. More

Do You Pay For a Funeral Before or After?

Written by Ross Quade

The average funeral in the United States can cost anywhere from $7,000 to $20,000. However, these are just rough estimates. Where you live determines how much that you must pay for your final expenses in life. Funerals are very affordable in rural areas and can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you live in.. More

Do Overweight People Pay More For Life Insurance?

Written by Ross Quade

About 60% of all Americans have some life insurance coverage. The main thing to know about life insurance coverage is that it benefits you to acquire it as early in life as possible. Life insurance applications and policies are approved or declined based on statistics compiled by actuaries. An actuary studies the statistics of life.. More