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7 Strategies to Fit the Cost of Assisted Living in on a Budget

Finding assisted living for a loved one is a difficult process. Not only do you have to find somewhere that your loved one is comfortable and well cared for, you have to find somewhere that is affordable too. Due to the fact those three factors do not always go together, it is a good idea to figure out how to afford the cost of the facility that best suits the needs of your loved one.


1.  Use your Negotiation Skills

The prices put forth by an assisted living facility are not set in stone, believe it or not. Many facilities allow you to negotiate the costs or may even offer specials during certain times. Do not be afraid to ask about any offers, such as move-in offers, or any options that they can provide for you to make it more affordable. For example, some facilities have what is called “Level of Care Services”, which means a person with fewer needs will need a lower level of care, while a person that is completely dependent on others would need a higher level, which translates into higher costs.


2.  Consider Sharing a Room

Initially, it might seem more acceptable to have a private room for care, but if you share a room not only is it financially beneficial, but it can also be socially rewarding. Sharing a room typically means that the cost of the facility goes down because you are sharing the cost with a roommate, rather than covering the entire cost of one unit on your own. Before you consider sharing a room, however, make sure your loved one is comfortable with the idea and with the roommate he/she will have because comfort should be as high of a priority as affordability.


3.  Take a La Carte Programs

Not all assisted living facilities require you to pay the all-inclusive price to live there. For example, laundry, transportation, personal care, and recreational activities may be bundled into the all-inclusive price. If you have a loved one that is not comfortable going on recreational activities or you know you will be around to handle his/her transportation and laundry needs, you can eliminate those services from the package, essentially paying less for the assisted living facility.


4.  Look at Insurance Policies

If your loved one took out insurance policies many years ago, chances are there is a provision in them that allows for living benefits, sometimes known as accelerated benefits. This allows your loved one to cash in on their life insurance now, for a smaller amount of the face value of the product. Typically, insurance companies will buy the policy out for 75 percent of its value, giving your loved one the money they need now to pay for assisted living.


5.  Look Out of State

If your state has particularly high assisted living rates, consider moving your loved one to another state. This might not be a plausible option for everyone, but if you have family in other states where the costs are more affordable, it might be something to consider. For example, if you compare the average monthly assisted living costs in New Jersey of $5,994 to the average cost in Georgia, of $2,703, you can see the savings that can be had by looking around. If you don’t have family elsewhere, you might be able to save just by crossing the border to the next state over. As long as you are not too far away, this would not be all that inconvenient for you.


6.  Exhaust All Resources

There are a variety of resources that may provide you with aid in paying for assisted living. Think of all avenues your loved one may be eligible for  including veterans benefits, social security, long-term care insurance policies, and state Medicaid. The assistance your loved one is eligible to receive is not going to be automatic – you have to apply for the various assistance programs, so make sure you do your research and consider all options so that you can make assisted living more affordable.


7.  Don’t Rule out Loans

There are certain loans out there that can make assisted living more affordable. For example, if your loved one still has a spouse living at home, a reverse mortgage could be a solid option as it gives you the cash you need to get assisted living paid, while still giving the other party a place to live. If a reverse mortgage is not an option, there are other choices, such as a home equity loan that either your loved one or even yourself can take out to help pay for the assisted living services.


Looking for assisted living can be mentally and physically exhausting, so it pays to plan ahead. Long before your loved one needs any type of assisted living, you should start planning. Consider the budget your loved one and yourself have and how it will work for future plans to provide your loved one with the care he needs.

Creating a Personalized Memorial Service

Memorial services vary considerably in tone, content, and style and can easily be personalized to the individual who is being memorialized. As more families choose to customize their memorial service to veer from the more traditional customs, the options to celebrate the life of a friend or family member has grown exponentially. Although planning a funeral can be somewhat overwhelming, by knowing some of the great choices you have to make a memorial unique, you can plan a funeral that is tailored to your budget, needs, and personality of the deceased loved one. Let’s take a look at some ideas of how to create a personalized memorial service.

Customize Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers come with an endless array of designs, colors, and styles. You may pick a particular color or flower as part of the memorial’s overall theme. This theme can be geared towards sports, association, hobby, organization, or practically anything else. A good place to look for flower arrangement ideas is the Flower Shop Network, which you will find an assortment of different flower ideas from gardener to Masonic to Cowboy to religious.

Light Candles to Remember Your Loved One

One sense that often never leaves the mind is a smell. Allow your family to recall a particular scent that reminds them of their loved one. For example, candles that smell just like grandma’s famous apple pie. Have your family light candles that will add a healing and soothing aroma to the memorial service. If you’d like to make the memorial service even more special than bring luminaries for your family to honor the passing of their loved one. You may even allow your funeral guests to release them into the sky themselves. However, before doing so check with your state’s regulations.

Pick a Funeral Theme

A great way to personalize a memorial service is to celebrate the loved on through choosing a funeral theme. This can be in celebration of their military achievements, charitable service, favorite sports, heritage, religion, or any other number of interests. For example, if someone has an Irish heritage, then you may consider having a traditional Irish Wake for his or her funeral. On the other hand, for someone who loves to hunt, you can cover their walls with mounted trophies, camouflage, and leaves. From Harry Potter décor to Seattle Seahawks colors, the possibilities are nearly endless. It can be as simple as having photos of the baseball team they coached or pictures of the kids they mentored with to brighten up a viewing room.

Use Quotes, Sayings, or Poems

It is an excellent idea to use quotes as a way to comfort and inspire your funeral goers, as well as a way to express feelings of love, hope, and grief. If your passed loved one had a particular Bible verse, poem, song lyric, or quote, then this can be included in the memorial service as a way to remember him or her. If there isn’t a particular one that they loved then do research on various epitaph Bible verses, eulogy quotes, and Scripture verses to see if one pops out at you. You may even want to consider throwing in some funeral humor, if you have the right crowd, as this can help ease the tension and lift people’s spirits.

Replace Traditional Funeral Decorations with Your Families

Ask the friends and family of the deceased loved one to use their choice decorations instead of using the viewing room’s traditional ones. This will allow them to feel more at ease and comfort, which is vital during the grieving process. You can help streamline the process by providing candleholders, frames, and vases.

Play a Song at the Funeral

Playing the favorite song of your passed loved ones can provide just the right amount of nostalgia and emotional touch. Ensure that you take the time to pick out just the right song so that there is not an awkward moment of guests waiting for it to end. An excellent way to do this is to make music a transition in the memorial service, during the viewing, or to give your funeral guests a time to reflect. If you are not sure which song to pick out then do some research on popular traditional hymns, classical music, or contemporary songs to use.

Design a Memory Table

One of the best ways to create a personalized funeral service is to design a memory table. Creating memory tables is a lovely idea as there are so many ways you can go about creating it. You can even establish a variety of different memory tables that are placed throughout the viewing room to create a sort of station that represents the various passions or chapters of your deceased loved one. There are endless possibilities and so make sure that you encourage friends and family members to utilize their imagination.

5 Key Things You Should Do When Selecting A Final Expense Insurance Policy


Preparing to apply for final expense insurance coverage?


Designed to offset the rising costs of funerals and other burial related expenses, final expense insurance policies can be a wise investment. Often used as a financial safety net for loved ones, final expense insurance policies can offset expenses such as funeral services, casket costs, arrangements, and more.


Whether this is your first time you’ve considered getting insured or this is your hundredth, you’ll want to keep the following 5 key things in mind.


1.) Compare Quotes Online


Curious what you should do first? While you may think you will need to drive around town visiting various providers or spend all day on the phone, we have some good news. Shopping for term life insurance today is easier than ever. In fact, you won’t even need to leave the comfort of your own living room. Thanks to our burial insurance comparison service, you can now get multiple online quotes instantly. Best of all? When you shop for a policy online, your information is kept secure and confidential. In addition, comparing quotes online can save you time and money.


2.) Contact Providers Directly


Once you have a better idea of the type of final expense insurance policy that you would like to select, it’s time to contact providers directly. While you can purchase a policy without speaking to a provider directly, doing so will often help you narrow down your choices to ensure that you get the maximum value out of your policy. After all, while you can certainly find the answers you need online, sometimes there’s nothing quite like speaking with a provider directly.


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3.) Complete Necessary Forms


Next, you will need to be prepared to complete the necessary forms. While every insurer uses a unique set of criteria to determine eligibility, you can expect to answer questions ranging from your family history to financial history. Keep in mind that the lengthier the application process, the more comprehensive and catered to your needs your coverage will be.


4.) Arrange Medical Exam (if applicable)


In order to qualify for the lowest rates possible, some providers may require that you include a recent medical exam in your application. While not every provider will require this, if you’re in relatively good shape/health, it’s in your best interest to take the exam. In fact, by doing so, you could save yourself hundreds and even thousands of dollars in the long run. On the other hand, if you know that you are in poor health, you smoke, or that you are overweight, avoiding a medical exam may be your best bet as it may cause you to pay higher premiums.


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5.) Wait for a Response


Last but not least, the final thing you should do when selecting a final expense insurance policy is to wait. Once you’ve completed the application, it’s in the insurer’s hands. While many providers may approve you for coverage in as little as 24 hours, some providers may take up to a few weeks. However, keep in mind that you will rarely have to wait more than a few days.


While searching for a final expense insurance policy can seem overwhelming initially, finding the coverage you need at a price you can afford does not have to be a stressful experience. Here at we believe that finding the answers and coverage you need should be a hassle free process.


In fact, we think you’ll be surprised at just how convenient and simple it is so to purchase final expense insurance online.


So, what are you waiting for? Take action today to ensure that when the time comes, your loved ones are never left to bear the burden.


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Is It Possible To Combine Final Expense Insurance With Other Types Of Coverage?


When it comes to final expense insurance, one of the biggest questions by far is whether or not it is possible to combine policies.


For example, if you’re someone that already has term life or whole life insurance coverage, is it possible to get additional coverage under a final expense insurance policy?


The short answer? Yes, it’s absolutely possible.


In fact, it’s actually quite common for final expense insurance policies to be used in conjunction with a term or whole life insurance policy. After all, combining a final expense insurance policy with other life insurance policies can help provide your loved ones with greater financial stability.


Does Final Expense Insurance Offer any Advantages?


However, while final expense insurance can be utilized alongside other types of policies, does it offer any distinct advantages?


No Medical Exam Required

Unlike other types of life insurance policies, final expense insurance does not require a medical exam, making this type of coverage an incredibly affordable option. With coverage options between $2,500-50,0000, finding the coverage you need is a breeze.


Premiums are Permanent

Concerned that your premiums could increase over time? Luckily, with a final expense insurance policy you can rest assured that your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same.


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Benefits Never Reduced

As long as the premiums are paid, you will not need to worry about your benefits being reduced. While other types of policies may leave you susceptible to a decrease in coverage, final expense insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing that your benefits are secure.


Wide Range of Ages

Worried that you may be too old to qualify for affordable coverage? Luckily, final expense insurance policies are available to those ages 0-89. Whether you are 55 or 85, obtaining coverage is completely possible.


Maximize Your Coverage Options


Curious what type of final expense insurance policy to invest in? While every individual has unique coverage needs, many individuals also tend to underestimate just how much their loved ones really need when they no longer have you to depend on.


Investing in a final expense policy can be an excellent way to combine coverage. For example, if you currently have a life insurance policy, you can combine this coverage with a final expense insurance policy to maximize financial resources for loved ones.


Put your worries aside and begin planning for your loved one’s future. Get started today with our risk-free quote generator designed to help you compare and save.


5 Reasons to Consider Final Expense Insurance

Although death is not something that people like to think about, it is a most definite certainty. It occurs to everyone eventually, and so there really is no getting around it. This means you have to prepare properly. One part of this preparation is ensuring that your family and friends do not go through a difficult financial endeavor to cover the cost of your funeral by obtaining final expense insurance. This type of insurance offers an easy payout after you pass away so that your funeral expenses will be taken care of. Funerals can be extremely expensive and so figuring out a way to cover its costs in a short amount of time is not the easiest thing to do, especially when your friends and family are going through their grieving process. Below are five reasons why you consider final expense insurance.


1. Gives Your Loved Ones a Quick and Easy Payout

Death is at times an unexpected event. This means that funeral expenses can also be an unexpected burden on your family. Instead of forcing them to chip away at their savings account or take out a loan, funeral insurance will give your family a quick and easy payout so that you can easily cover the cost of your funeral. Depending on the policy, your family could receive as much as $30,000 to cover your funeral.


2. Eases Emotional Turmoil for All Involved

Organizing a funeral while grieving is a tricky enough situation as it is, your loved ones should not have to do so while also figuring out how to cover thousands of dollars’ worth of funeral expenses. Doing so can be overwhelming on top of everything else. Although having final expense insurance will not ease the heartbreak that death causes, it can take away the stress that comes with funding a funeral.


3. Allows You to Make Plans for Your Funeral

Although some people do not care about how their funeral ceremony takes place, others would rather plan their funeral themselves down to the very last detail. Many decisions go into a funeral, such as whether you want to be buried or cremated or whether you want to be compressed into a diamond or have your remains fertilize a tree. Final expense insurance allows you to have the type of burial and funeral that you wish so that you can rest in peace the way you please.


4. Gives you Peace of Mind

The mere fact of knowing that your friends and family will not have to fork over money at your expense can be the only reason you may want to consider a final expense policy. Funerals are costly, and people usually have the pay for them in a very short amount of time and at little notice. More likely than not, your loved ones just don’t have that sort of money lying around, and it is not something you want them to have to spend their hard earned savings on. By making affordable monthly payments for your final expense insurance, your family and friends will not have to stress about finding the money to cover your funeral.


5. Applying is Very Easy

Obtaining a final expense insurance policy is easy. You have a range of option to decide between such as a policy that gives you a quick payout for as much as $30,000 and requires you to pay 10 percent of your premium every three years. The application process for final expense insurance is also very simple, as it only usually takes a few clicks of your mouse to apply. It also does not require you to have a mountain of paperwork and documents to qualify.


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