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Is It Possible To Combine Final Expense Insurance With Other Types Of Coverage?


When it comes to final expense insurance, one of the biggest questions by far is whether or not it is possible to combine policies.


For example, if you’re someone that already has term life or whole life insurance coverage, is it possible to get additional coverage under a final expense insurance policy?


The short answer? Yes, it’s absolutely possible.


In fact, it’s actually quite common for final expense insurance policies to be used in conjunction with a term or whole life insurance policy. After all, combining a final expense insurance policy with other life insurance policies can help provide your loved ones with greater financial stability.


Does Final Expense Insurance Offer any Advantages?


However, while final expense insurance can be utilized alongside other types of policies, does it offer any distinct advantages?


No Medical Exam Required

Unlike other types of life insurance policies, final expense insurance does not require a medical exam, making this type of coverage an incredibly affordable option. With coverage options between $2,500-50,0000, finding the coverage you need is a breeze.


Premiums are Permanent

Concerned that your premiums could increase over time? Luckily, with a final expense insurance policy you can rest assured that your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same.


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Benefits Never Reduced

As long as the premiums are paid, you will not need to worry about your benefits being reduced. While other types of policies may leave you susceptible to a decrease in coverage, final expense insurance can give you peace of mind in knowing that your benefits are secure.


Wide Range of Ages

Worried that you may be too old to qualify for affordable coverage? Luckily, final expense insurance policies are available to those ages 0-89. Whether you are 55 or 85, obtaining coverage is completely possible.


Maximize Your Coverage Options


Curious what type of final expense insurance policy to invest in? While every individual has unique coverage needs, many individuals also tend to underestimate just how much their loved ones really need when they no longer have you to depend on.


Investing in a final expense policy can be an excellent way to combine coverage. For example, if you currently have a life insurance policy, you can combine this coverage with a final expense insurance policy to maximize financial resources for loved ones.


Put your worries aside and begin planning for your loved one’s future. Get started today with our risk-free quote generator designed to help you compare and save.


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