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Written by Ross Quade

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According to Baltimore Life, it has been their mission since 1882, when they were founded, to dedicate every possible effort to serving the needs of its policyholders, the member’s communities, as well as Baltimore Life’s agents and employees.

It is Baltimore Life’s claim that every action they partake in is guided by their inherent commitment and interest in serving their clients with only the most honest, open, integral and respectful actions, as well as devoting themselves to making a positive difference and practicing financial discipline.


In 1882, the Baltimore Mutual Aid Society of Baltimore City was found by five business people. At the time of opening their doors for the first time, the company had roughly only two hundred and sixty-one dollars in total assets to their name. Business was slow, but it was business, and during this time every member of the company sold policies, even the president of Baltimore Mutual Aid Society of Baltimore City. During this period, life insurance had a different ultimate purpose, which was to keep your body out of Potter’s Field upon death. Today, however, they focus on protecting the assets and financial well-being of existing family members.

In 1900, the company decided to change its name to Baltimore Life Insurance Company of Baltimore City. Baltimore Life Insurance Company states that all of the turmoil that the company has been through (the Great Depression, multiple recessions and a total of two world wars), has only increased the durability of the foundation of which this company was built on. Furthermore, such tough times have resulted in a stronger and more prosperous company that now operates in forty-nine States and insures more than three hundred thousand individuals, families and also businesses.


Baltimore Life Insurance Company has been affirmed a good rating of a B++ by A.M. Best. One positive aspect of Baltimore Life Insurance Company that is hard to overlook is the pronounced durability and financial stability of this company throughout their one hundred and thirty years operating as a life insurance company. Baltimore Life has been through multiple tough economic times and stood firm through them all. Additionally, the strength of the company is furthermore shown through its age, whereas it stands it is currently the 36th oldest insurance company in the United States of America.

Baltimore Life Insurance Company offers its members a wide array of different policy types, of which each has their inherent pros and cons. However, Baltimore Life’s policies (the Silver Guard status) accrue a cash value over time. A policyholder can tap into after a specified amount of time in the event that they need to borrow from the account.


Baltimore Life Insurance Company’s term life rates are not the most competitive in the market as compared to its rivalries. The company has a B++ A.M. Best rating (which is not by any means a bad rating, as it is still considered to be “good”), and prices that are higher than their competitors.

Baltimore Life’s insurance policy’s come with death benefits constraints, where if:

    • The policyholder dies within the first year in which the policy was opened they will only receive twenty-five percent (25%) of the policies face value
    • If the policyholder dies within two years, they will receive fifty percent (50%) of the face value of policy
    • After year three 100 percent
    • If the policyholder dies due to an accident, the policy will be paid in full from day one.

According to consumer reviews, the chief complaints with Baltimore Life Insurance Company have to do with its timeliness and apparent unwillingness to pay out on death benefits policies. Though, according to the BBB all complaints have, as of current, been resolved and paid in full.

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