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Ross Quade has been a licensed insurance agent since 2008. State of Texas license #1702965. He has a Bachelor Degree in Psychology from University of Minnesota and minored in Applied Economics. He has been quoted in several online publications including Huffington Post, Young Startups and various financial blogs. Ross frequently writes about issues related to the insurance and finance industry.

Do Overweight People Pay More For Life Insurance?

Written by Ross Quade

About 60% of all Americans have some life insurance coverage. The main thing to know about life insurance coverage is that it benefits you to acquire it as early in life as possible. Life insurance applications and policies are approved or declined based on statistics compiled by actuaries. An actuary studies the statistics of life.. More

Do You Have to Pay Your Deceased Spouses Credit Card Bills?

Written by Ross Quade

Currently, all of the accumulated credit card debt in the country amounts to well over one trillion dollars. The average American household owes almost $15,500 in credit card debt at any given time. The problem of credit of credit card only gets worse when you consider that payment delinquency rates are also increasing. The end.. More

How Much Does a Cemetery Plot Cost?

Written by Ross Quade

The uncomfortable truth about funerals, and burial plots, in particular, is that service pricing is all based on statistics and real estate equivalent market valuing. About 2.6 million people die in the United States alone every year. There is only so much cemetery real estate available at any given time to accommodate every request for.. More

Can You Buy Burial Insurance for Parents?

Written by Ross Quade

Living life without life insurance is an immense risk. So much of what happens in life is ultimately out of our control. Life insurance acts as a security net against risk. Unemployment, a random accident, medical emergency or an unexpected death can create incredible financial burdens. Especially for people who live on fixed incomes, are.. More

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

Written by Ross Quade

About 40% of all people never even bother to apply for life insurance. A deterrent for a lot of people buying life insurance seems to be the implied cost. However, the cost of a premium and the overall value of coverage is tailor calculated according to applicant information. Additionally, the younger and healthier than you.. More